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We offer neuropsychological assessment of the effects of medical conditions, injuries, concussions, memory loss, or other issues. After a comprehensive assessment, we make recommendations for solutions or appropriate treatments.  

Current procedures include remote assessments through telehealth methods or  in-the-office "remote" testing from one room in the office suite to the next room.

Forensic Neuropsychological examinations are conducted with in-the-office        "remote" testing of cognitive functioning. Any face-to-face testing is kept to a minimum.
Neuropsychological assessment leads to understanding and planning.
Stephen S. Kalat, Ph.D. ® 9745 E. Hampden Avenue Suite 200, Denver, CO 80231


Stephen S. Kalat, Ph.D.
9745 East Hampden Avenue
Suite 200
Denver, CO 80231
Tel: (303) 337-2266
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